GATE Exam Pattern 2020

we saimedha institute explaining about how the GATE exam pattern 2020, GATE syllabus in detail below

The pattern of questions in GATE exam are explained below:

  1. Recall: This includes questions based on facts, principles, formulae and laws of discipline. The candidate has to mark an answer either directly from a memory or from one line computation.
  2. Comprehension: These type of questions test the candidate’s basic understanding of the field they belong to. The candidates have to draw simple conclusions from fundamental ideas in these type of questions.
  3. Application: These are the logical reasoning based questions wherein the candidates have to answer according to their knowledge through computation.
  4. Analysis and Synthesis: In these inquiries, the applicant is given information, outlines, pictures, and so on that require examination before an inquiry can be replied. A Synthesis question may require the contender to look at least two snippets of data. Inquiries in this class could, for instance, include hopefuls in perceiving implicit suspicions or isolating helpful data from insignificant data.
Section Question No. No. of Questions Marks Per Question Total Marks
General Aptitude 1 to 5 5 1 5
  6 to 10 5 1 5
Technical + Engineering Mathematics 1 to 25 25 1 25
  26 to 55 30 2 60
Total Questions : 65 Total Marks : 100 Total Duration : 3 hours
Technical Section : 70 marks General Aptitude: 15 marks Engineering Mathematics :15 marks
25 marks to 40 marks will allotted to Numeric Answer Type Questions

Usually these days the questions asked are of Multiple Choice and Numerial Answer type questions.

* Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) These questions are objective in nature and each question will have choice of four answers, out of which the candidate has to mark the correct answer. Each question carries 1 or 2 marks questions in all the sections.   * Numerical Answer Questions There will be no choices available for these types of questions. A Numeric Answer question carries 1 or 2 marks questions in all sections. The answer for these questions is a real number to be entered by using mouse and virtual keypad displayed on the monitor. No negative marking for these questions.
Questions Type Marks Negative Marking
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 1 Mark 0.33
  2 Mark 0.66
Numerical Answer Questions 1 Mark Nill
  2 Mark Nill